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Our Solutions

Futurisoft provides an all-encompassing technology solution for liquor retail stores. Our system is designed to streamline your business by providing features such as shared marketplace or a dedicated website, mobile application, back office integration, hassle-free payment processing, efficient analytics and CRM integration.


We provide you with the ability to either operate a shared marketplace or a dedicated website for your liquor retail store. With our shared marketplace, you can connect with thousands of customers and expand your reach. On the other hand, with our dedicated website, you can customize your website to meet the unique needs of your business.

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Dedicated Mobile App

Our mobile application is designed to give customers a seamless shopping experience. With our mobile app, customers can easily view products and place orders from anywhere, anytime. Our mobile application is also designed to help reduce time spent on checkout and payment processing. 


Seamless Back office Integration

We provide hassle-free back-office integration for your liquor retail store. Our back-office integration enables you to sync your inventory with your online store, manage orders, customers, and much more from one convenient dashboard. The integration also helps you keep tracking of all aspects of your store.

payment integration

Hasslefree Payment Setup

We make the payment process easy with our hassle-free payment process. We help you receive your payments without any sweat. Our payment gateway also allows your customers to make secure payments with their credit or debit cards. We also offer multiple payment options to provide added convenience.


Efficient Analytics 

Futurisoft provides powerful analytics and insights that help you better understand your customers and their purchasing behaviors. With our analytics, you can gain valuable insights into customer preferences, allowing you to tailor your offerings and better meet their needs. Our analytics also help you identify trends and improve operational efficiency. 


CRM Integration

We also provide integrated customer relationship management (CRM) on demand for your liquor retail store. Our CRM integration allows you to track customer interactions, manage customer profiles, and analyze customer data - all from one convenient dashboard. With our CRM integration, you can easily keep track of customer interactions and build better relationships with them.

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